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Wall mount manual foam dispenser, antimicrobial push bar helps reduce cross-contamination.

Colour: White

Brand: Rubbermaid

A range of Foam soap dispensers, from a coordinated range of washroom dispenser products, that promote hygiene, improve comfort and care, and help control costs. Ideal for: dispensing either liquid soap or foam for maximum versatility and cost-efficiency; easy refilling, in a high capacity format, offering a smart solution for any washroom environment.


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Foam soap and dispenser release less soap than regular liquid soap dispensers do, allowing users to achieve the same level of cleanliness with less soap. Less soap per hand wash makes the same amount last longer, which costs less. Manufacturers also need to make less soap per unit they sell. Consumers save by having to pay for less packaging and transportation, in addition to the benefit of having to use less product per hand wash.


Foam Soap Dispensers is one way to encourage hand washing in facilities while at the same time saving money through reduced product usage. Each pump of foam soap uses significantly less than a pump of liquid soap, and deposits a rich lather-like foam that may promote more thorough hand washing, making it an ideal choice in higher education settings, healthcare and food service environments, where hand hygiene is critical. Foam soaps can also contain moisturizers, which gives users a more satisfying impression of the hand washing experience.


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